Meet with Evelin, our Supervisor

Hello Evelin,

You have been working in this company since 2016, did you start as an agent?
– Yes, I entered as agent, but I entered with plan for a quick career. When I started as agent we did not have calls and targets yet and the work was quite relaxed and email based in the first months.

Roughly: I was agent for 1 month after training, coach for 1 year and TL for 2+ years

What experience do you appreciate the most?
– I loved the time when I was a coach, because it was particular to the first year. Initially since we did not have many targets the work environment was more relaxed. We also had very multicultural teams. Since we all started at the same time or even in the same training group then the feeling of closeness, that we shared the same experience, was immediately there. We went out a lot and had fun at work. I also liked the later times, which were more challenging because we received targets and it was hard for agents to change the ways. Also my team was the only English team for a while and it had its own particular worries and issues. Like feeling a bit left out and not understood by others on a team and agent levels.

Was there a tough competition for your current position?
Why do you think you were chosen?
 – Since I was already an experienced coach my main worry was not the competition, but to prove to the management that by allowing me to change the role they will benefit even more. I was also waiting for the right time and postponed my candidacy once. I hope they noticed, that I step up and speak up when needed. When my Team Lead was away for longer period, I was filling in as much as I knew and could, by keeping team together with team meetings, making sure that we are well informed and that there is order in my team area.

What are your favorite moments at your job?
– The moments I appreciate the most are when I really connect with my agent and when someone tells me that they are very happy that I am their Team Lead.

What advice would you give to those who want to develop their career?
– Start showing the attitude and meeting some necessary requirements already before the opportunity arises. In the internal career these things are noticed and play a role. In my opinion the character and morals of a person remain the same in any position. Take all the chances to move forward and choose the right moment.

What is your moto in life?
– You always get what you really want and work towards.

Thanks to for being a part of Majorel family, Evelin!