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reducing emailing time

Email is a tool; don’t let it become your master. Limit the time you spend on email by following these tips: Send less, get less Think carefully about whether you really need to draft new messages or respond to those you have already received. Escape the endless reply loop Silence in response to an email […]

Good email habits reflect well on us, improve our public perception, and increase the chance of a prompt and comprehensive response. Here is a list to help you brush up on some essential email etiquette rules: Never write and quickly send off an angry email Venting your spleen in an angry, hostile reply to someone […]

Good business emails are crisp, concise, and organized so that readers can follow and understand the content with little effort. Here are a few suggestions on how to achieve success in business correspondence: Pick the subject line of the email carefully Make it informative and brief so the recipient can easily find and act on […]

How to Nail a Job Interview?

You are looking for a new challenge, but you are still not quite sure of the Dos and Dont´s when it comes to the application process? Applying for new jobs is always a challenge and the application stage consists of a few intricate steps – each of which you can master! In the following you […]

Are you ready to be a leader?

If you are wondering if you would be a good team leader, but not really sure what this would entail outside of “managing”, we are here to show you some tell-tale signs of a person that’s ready to take on the lead! You don’t feel like you are better than the rest in your team […]