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Good email habits reflect well on us, improve our public perception, and increase the chance of a prompt and comprehensive response. Here is a list to help you brush up on some essential email etiquette rules: Never write and quickly send off an angry email Venting your spleen in an angry, hostile reply to someone […]

Good business emails are crisp, concise, and organized so that readers can follow and understand the content with little effort. Here are a few suggestions on how to achieve success in business correspondence: Pick the subject line of the email carefully Make it informative and brief so the recipient can easily find and act on […]

How to Nail a Job Interview?

You are looking for a new challenge, but you are still not quite sure of the Dos and Dont´s when it comes to the application process? Applying for new jobs is always a challenge and the application stage consists of a few intricate steps – each of which you can master! In the following you […]

Are you ready to be a leader?

If you are wondering if you would be a good team leader, but not really sure what this would entail outside of “managing”, we are here to show you some tell-tale signs of a person that’s ready to take on the lead! You don’t feel like you are better than the rest in your team […]

Anna, what do you do at Majorel? I am currently working in a project as a Help Desk Agent, which is a part of Quality Department. Most of my tasks revolve around our line agents – double checking their work, evaluating their performance and giving feedbacks and answering their day to day questions. I also […]