Meet Anna, our Help Desk guru

Anna, what do you do at Majorel? I am currently working in a project as a Help Desk, which is a part of Quality Department. Most of my tasks revolve around our line agents – double checking their work, evaluating their performance and giving feedbacks and answering their day to day questions. I also provide […]

Interview with Darja, Dutch speaking CSR

Hello Darja, How did you start in our company? I speak Dutch! I lived in the Netherlands for 5 years. Majorel was the perfect opportunity for me to use and develop my language skills and work for an international company. I applied for Dutch Speaking Customer Service Specialist in, passed training and here I am. […]

Meet with Evelin, our Supervisor

Hello Evelin, You have been working in this company since 2016, did you start as an agent? – Yes, I entered as agent, but I entered with plan for a quick career. When I started as agent we did not have calls and targets yet and the work was quite relaxed and email based in […]

Interview with Sergei, Trainer

Meet Sergei, our Trainer, who started in the company as a customer support representative. “I started working at the company in 2016, 23rd of May. Remember like it was yesterday. Walked into the classroom and was kinda nervous and did not know what to expect. But as the training went on, I started to understand […]

Meet Marie, our Customer Support Representative

Hello Marie, how did you start in our company? A year ago I was introduced to Majorel, because my girlfriend is working here in one of the projects. As I wanted to work in an international environment, I applied. Happily, it worked out. What do you do at Majorel? I have the honor of being […]