Meet Sergei, Our Trainer


Trainer Sergei

“I started working at the company in 2016, 23rd of May. Remember like it was yesterday. Walked into the classroom and was kind of nervous and did not know what to expect. But as the training went on, I started to understand that this is good work experience and being an agent is not scary at all. Just have to talk and talk and talk. And keep a positive mindset, which was the most difficult part. Staying positive and not taking anything personal is one of the experiences I value the most.” Sergei, Trainer

Sergei, for how long did you work as an Agent?

For 11 wonderful months. There were ups and downs, but thanks to my wonderful colleagues and team leads and coaches, it was pretty easy and nice if you think about it.

What was your next position in the company?

I got a chance to become a Quality Coach in 2018 and decided to take it. Best decision ever made: getting a team of agents to keep an eye on and use my agent experience to provide them with the support and help they needed. Keeping the team motivated and stress free. Coach position is a great and interesting place to be in. My boss was and is really helpful and quite often demanding. Which made my work a lot more interesting and challenging.

Was there a tough competition for a trainer position?

There was not a lot of people who decided to try out for the Trainer position. Maybe due to the fact, that there is a lot of things to remember and just the difficulty of training new people coming in. Trainer is the face of the company for New Hires and this is where it all starts from (Training).
There was just me and another colleague who went for the position and thankfully, I passed the assessment well, and here I am now.

How long have you worked as the trainer?

I started working as a Trainer in February of 2018, to help out preparing for the high season.

What are your favorite moments at your job?

There have been many: Business trips to Marrakech (Morocco), Lisbon (Portugal) and Istanbul (Turkey), are the ones that definitely stand out from the many positive sides. But with each group, each agent that comes in and goes through training. Favorite moment is when I meet and get to know the people. Finding out more about them. Making a joke here and there and just helping them relax and enjoy the training process. That’s why I always come to work with a smile on my face and in a good mood.

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